Foundations & Isolations – Killer Ziller Series | The Choreography Series


Modern Choreography- 6 weeks of choreography series with Stephanie  

Wednesday 7:30-9:00PM 

Stephanie has developed a 6 week choreography class that is inspired by some of her new favorite combinations using incredible new oriental music.  Classes begin January 31st!

The Velveteen Serpent Movement Studio

352 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Please note the studio is directly behind the Art Haas.

Register online today $65.00 for the series (paid in full)

Steph's Winter class 1-18


















Foundations & Isolations and Killer Ziller Series:  Skills and Drills with Amanda

Good Technique is the foundation of beautiful dancing, and the foundations and Isolations series was created to build it!  The focus is on core control and isolation in the three anatomical plans.  Combining these isolations, will build more complex and layered movements, connection them into “plug and play” style combinations to use in your next choreography.

Brush up on your technique and learn Zill patterns and Middle Eastern rhythms, alongside combinations that will bring the rhythm from your fingertips into your whole body.  To complete this twelve week course Amanda has created an original zill choreography to show off your killer ziller skills.

Check back for upcoming classes with Amanda!